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Stonemaier Champion

Do you live in Canada? Please sign up to be a Stonemaier Champion on our dedicated Canada store. Thank you!

Do you live in Australia or New Zealand? Please sign up to be a Stonemaier Champion on our dedicated Australia / NZ store. Thank you!

Would you consider joining 9,600+ other Champions in supporting the 100 blog posts and 150 YouTube videos we create each year for the benefit of creators, entrepreneurs, and game designers? Your annual gift of $15 will enable us to continue to add to the wealth of open-access content we offer.

As a token of our appreciation, you will receive the following perks for a full year starting on the day that you become a Champion: 

  • Subscription to a monthly digest highlighting the key points from the top 5 new blog posts and videos, as well as alerts for all incoming Stonemaier products and reprints.
  • 20-25% discount on ALL webstore orders. This discount includes the products and shipping. Just log into our webstore as a user, and the discount will automatically apply at checkout. This discount is not available for retailers and resellers. The discount is currently 25%, and it will change to 20% on January 1, 2022.
  • Advance delivery on new product pre-orders through Stonemaier Games (Champion orders within each region ship before other orders in the corresponding region, before any other pre-orders and well before the retail release date). Our annual release schedule generally includes 2 games, several expansions, and a few accessories.

If you sign up as a Champion, your benefits start immediately but are not retroactive to any orders placed before the moment you became a Champion. You will receive a notification before your annual autorenewal with clear instructions on how to keep or cancel your membership. 

Note: Champion membership fees are non-refundable unless benefits change (which they are subject to do with advance notice).